Lincoln Carpet Cleaning Service

Pro Team Carpet Cleaning Lincoln uses only the most advanced truck mounted cleaning equipment to maintain the carpeting in your residence or business. We utilize only hot water extraction in our cleaning process. This method reduces the static barrier and enables appropriate soil removal without having any soapy residue, by reducing the magnetic appeal that carpet fibers have to soil particles. During our cleaning we restore your carpets and rugs natural pH balance therefore we do not leave any residue behind.

There is five components required for carpet cleaning. High heat, proper chemicals, Dwell Time, agitation and Rinsing. Whenever one component is not adequate, it’s important to increase an additional component to get your carpet clean. For instance, to make up for insufficient heat, additional chemicals will be used. Did you ever have your carpets and rugs cleaned simply to get soiled spots one or two weeks later? This is due to the fact that an excessive amount of chemical was applied and it left a residue because the cleaning equipment was lacking appropriate cleaning temperatures. Our thorough cleaning procedure won’t leave that soapy residue and your carpets will be fresh, soft and in addition they won’t get the soiled spots returning shortly after we leave.

Almost all of the worlds carpet producers highly recommend Hot Water Extraction to clean their carpets and rugs. 3M also suggests hot water extraction to preserve their warranty for treated carpets.

We advise to re apply the carpet protection once the cleaning is complete. We utilize 3M Scotchgard protector as a final step in the cleaning process. This will help prevent staining of the carpet due to spills or pet accidents. If you have any questions regarding carpet protector please let us know and we will be happy to answer them.

We Offer 3 Levels of Carpet Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

It's best to clear the room of small or easy to move objects. Heavy objects such as a bed or entertainment center can be left in place and the cleaning technician will work around these items.
The average dry time after a professional carpet cleaning by Pro Team is 6-8 hours. This time can vary based on carpet fiber, soil and climate conditions.
It is recommended to have a professional carpet cleaning at least once every 12 months. If you have children or pets than we recommend once every 6 months.

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